What can be taught with ABA?

ABA methods are used to teach appropriate behaviour and necessary skills and they are used to reduce inappropriate behaviours and barriers to learning.

Using ABA methods we can teach:

  • Basic skills that provide the foundational skills for learning, these are attending skills, joint attention and imitation.
  • Academic skills such as literacy, maths, independent working and working in a group.
  • Self help skills such as toilet training, dressing (doing up buttons/doing zips/putting coat on at school) tying shoe laces, brushing hair, brushing teeth.
  • Communication skills: Teaching a child to talk, teaching PECS, teaching to use other modes of communication such as sign or alternative methods such as ipad apps.
  • Social Skills.
  • Play skills.
  • Understanding and coping with emotions.
  • Eating.


Using ABA methods we can also reduce:

  • Problem behaviour
  • Avoidant behaviour/anxiety
  • Phobias